Batalla de Otumba / Battle of Otumba

Batalla de Otumba / Battle of Otumba

En 1520, un impresionante ejército de casi 40.000 guerreros mexicas alcanzó a Hernán Cortés en los llanos de Otompan, donde les cortó el paso.

Sabedores de que los aztecas siempre sacrificaban a sus prisioneros, los alrededor de 500 españoles y sus 4.500 aliados tlaxcaltecas se decidieron a luchar o morir, a pesar de no disponer de artillería y haber perdido buena parte de sus caballos y arcabuces tras la derrota sufrida durante la huida de la capital azteca...

Cayeron 2000 guerreros del bando español y 4000 guerreos mexicas, los españoles ganaron la batalla al matar al jefe, Cihuacóatl.


Before reaching Tlaxcalan, the scanty Spanish forces arrived at the plain of Otumba Valley, where they were met by a vast Aztec army intent on their destruction. 40,000 Aztecs intended to cut short the 500 Spanish soldiers and 4,500 mexicas retreat from Tenochtitlan. The Aztecs had underestimated the shock value of the Spanish caballeros because they had never seen them used in open battle on the plains. Despite the overwhelming numbers of Aztecs and the general poor condition of the Spanish survivors, Cortés snatched victory from the jaws of defeat when he spotted the Aztec general in his ornate and colourful feather costume and immediately charged him with several horsemen, killing the Aztec commander. There were heavy losses for the Spanish, but in the end they were victorious. The Aztecs retreated.

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